Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

Thank God for my Warcraft friends - they keep me heavily supplied with catchy beats that never leave my head for days on end.

This song is by Lemon Demon, whom I had never heard of before, but this short Flash movie is redeemed entirely by the song, which is adorable. The animation is fine, but with a lot of tiny flaws that could have been cleaned up - they weren't terrible, and the animation is done with such a cute style - but I'm a perfectionist and some of the frames that should have been deleted drive me nutso.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Look! I'm an odd one! (Surprise, surprise)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clean Up Mood

I was working on some clean up today and particularly liked this still image from my film. Enjoy!

Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm Impressed!

This is a new music video from one of my fave bands, They Might Be Giants. Although when I first heard the song, I wasn't terribly fond of it, after I saw the video I fell in love. This is a pretty rare event for me - mostly, music videos fall far short of the emotional range and the daydreams a song will evoke in me. Go watch the exception now and let me know what you think.

On an animation note - this feels like After Effects to me. If it's some other software, I'd be curious to know what it is.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Linky Post

Are you poor? Like to read? In essence, are you me? Then you should try, where you trade your own books (at least nine to start - and hey, if you don't have anything you currently own that you want to trade, go raid your local library bookstore like a pirate and spend the ninety cents on some dreck) in exchange for the novels of your dreams. Looking for OOPs? A prized first edition? Some well-thumbed hackwork? Welcome home, my friend.

Also, go promote your blog at nablopomo. You pledge to do one post a day for the month of November, and in exchange, you get to make a nifty blog page at their site (trust me, it's pretty damn nifty - it's the html format I'd like blogger to have). Wanna track me down? In the search, type in either "MissMeat," or "Michelle Lopes." That's it for the rudimentary stalking skills lessons for today! You owe me a dollar fifty!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Title Dilemma

Sorry for the absence of posts lately! My days have been a wee bit hectic (the amount of drama in my life sometimes extends to the obscene - I am by nature a curmudgeon and would prefer it if the drama took up elsewhere).

O.K., so I have this After Effects problem with my title sequence, where colors that look like this:

End up looking like this after I export the film:

I keep on messing with the After Effects export settings, making the file as big as Montana, but with little success. Also, because it's a huge file, it takes about four hours to render it each time - making experiments with settings an arduous chore. Blah. Until I figure it out, my film looks like it's been in the washer too many times...

Oh yeah, and I've named my 8-minute behemoth "Blood Blossoms."