Saturday, November 29, 2008


I hope all your Thanksgivings went well. Mine was...interesting. Which is standard when dealing with my family. I'm going to abstain from entering into further details at this point.

I'm entering another Threadless contest, and working on colors and image clean up. The theme is horror (from Rue Morgue...whom I adore by proxy), and unfortunately I'm going to be forced to enter it at the last minute due to hideous computer problems. Enjoy the snippet of an image! I'm going to go find a quiet corner to hide/weep/slaughter defenseless spiders in.

And before you even think it - no, I'd never do that to spiders, you sickos.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rotten Pumpkins

It's a bit belated, but I carved a couple of sweet pumpkins this past Halloween - templates courtesy of I did two - but the other one looks a bit wonky in the photos since the poor bride of Frankenstein ('s creature?) began to wither straightaway, possibly a result from being mostly made of dead bits. The one in these photos is the infamous Lucio Fulci zombie of Zombi 2 fame...which you all should watch merely based on the fact that there's a scene where a zombie squares off against a shark.

As for the pumpkins, they promptly decided to mold and rot within a day of being carved.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo Essay

I recently created a photo essay of a place that's very important to me. It's a powerful place, one I often return to when I'm searching for continuity in my life. Can you figure out where I went?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Best Hospital Ever

I'm tired and I'm not sure if this is funny anymore, but I'm submitting it to the UCLA Spotlight Festival tomorrow nonetheless. The video quality is absolute crap compared to how sexy the 24p really is...oh well. <3

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If You Can't Beat Em, Wacom

Wacom - pronounced "whack-em." A tablet I use to draw stuff on my computer with. Also, a delightfully expensive coaster if someone leaves a glass on it.

The above image was drawn in Photoshop using a Wacom that I get into coloring my film again.

If you steal it, I am a sad panda.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Sheafs of Lost Music

I have not posted in...well, a very very long time. I've been through a whole quarter of school and the finished product of it - while I'd like to post it - is not *quite* done in my opinion...when it is finished, it'll certainly be up here. I'm trying to have it edited in time for submission to the Spotlight festival. Even if I don't finish Blood Blossoms this quarter, I would like the truncated version of The Best Hospital Ever to be completed soon.

Funny because we abandon things, then pick them up again. Spring break has ended, and I'm slowly getting into another quarter at UCLA where I feel a little out of sync with everything around me. I suppose that's fine. I will either feel like I'm a part of things, or merely apart. Don't ask for rigorous psychoanalysis here; it's late and everything's a muddle. Which certainly isn't bad, but it certainly isn't certain either.

Today's image is from a storyboard I've been peering over, trying to put together a dream I once had to make it into something for all to view. The vision isn't entirely lost, you see, but has changed a bit in the translation of time. If you're not careful, your dreams will change too without you even realizing it.

Friday, February 08, 2008

No New Drawings

Alas! I've been doing a lot of work by hand recently and the scanner at school is broken! So instead of new stuff I'm posting a background from my computer film. Like everything else in Blood Blossoms, it took me an absurd amount of time to complete this image because I kept "fixing" it. At the moment, I'm satisfied - insanely saturated color palette and all. Hopefully by next week the scanner will be up and running and I can treat ya to some primo cheesecake weirdness. See you then!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Storyboarding in Russian

This image is from a storyboard assignment I did from a recent class - of all the images I drew that day, I'd say this was my favourite. His emotions are very simply drawn, and when I can manage that, I'm content. I'd like to say something today about the 180 degree rule - that is, basic screen direction during any given scene. Typically, if you follow the 180 degree rule strictly, you keep the placement of a character consistent (if a character is on the right hand side of the screen facing left, you wouldn't change his or her facing and placement throughout the scene). However, I find myself disliking a strict adherence to the rule. I think if you establish character placement enough through long shots and cut away from (or very close into) a scene, then the 180 degree rule is really unnecessary. It was basically established to not confuse the audience, and I can appreciate that, but whenever I shoot something I roughly start with the rule, then begin to work away from it accordingly to the emotions, ideas, and compositions at play.

Go here for more info about the rule, and see what you think.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Lizard is Coming!

It's that time of year again! No, not the Superbowl, silly - it's Falling Lizard, an unknown animation tradition that takes place every year at UCLA (during Superbowl weekend) where the object is to create an entire animated piece in the course of a sole weekend. There's a theme, and the following film's theme of the year 2006 was Pirates Versus Ninjas. The animation is barely evident, but the writing is pure Lopes. I secretly love this kinda stuff...o.k., maybe blatantly love this kinda stuff, whatever.

Warning: the following has a heavy dollop of sexual humor - not for the kiddies.


For those who are interested: this was created entirely in Photoshop and After Effects, using Final Cut Pro to mix. Long live Adobe!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Narrating Space

It is easy to tell a story.

Let me refine that - we are, by nature, storytellers. When we see something, we want to construct meaning. It's what we do as human beings. So it is easy to see an image and start telling ourselves a story about it.

It is hard to tell a good story. I struggle with this all the time. Even once I understand that I am a good writer, a competent artist, I struggle when I come to a new idea. I am always at the beginning again.

This image is from a zine I helped lump together with friends a couple of years ago. This is the raw scan - before shading and clean up - and I think, in a way, I like it quite a lot more out of its context than within it. Can you guess what story the little girl was in? You'd probably be surprised at its ending...

All this is coming up in my thoughts because I'm making a new film this quarter (if I get into school - oh bureaucracy!). I was trying to actively NOT make a story, and found the resulting ideas lacking. Is it harder to NOT create a story at a certain point in our lives than it is to tell one? Interesting stuff.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Baaaaack

After taking an (inordinately long) hiatus from blogland, my film, and my responsibilities, I've returned with a novel I'm in the middle of rewriting, a film I'm in the middle of animating, and my purpose restored (which I can't entirely share - it's my secret purpose, after all :D).

I'm experimenting with the new video uploady-ness of Blogger, and in that spirit, am uploading my short film, Syringe Spider Interlude - which is a huge experiment in After Effects that I crafted and animated during last Spring Quarter at UCLA. The spider is a series of drawings I drew by hand, colored in Photoshop, and then turned into a symbol in Flash. The actor is Brett Cawley.