Friday, January 18, 2008

Narrating Space

It is easy to tell a story.

Let me refine that - we are, by nature, storytellers. When we see something, we want to construct meaning. It's what we do as human beings. So it is easy to see an image and start telling ourselves a story about it.

It is hard to tell a good story. I struggle with this all the time. Even once I understand that I am a good writer, a competent artist, I struggle when I come to a new idea. I am always at the beginning again.

This image is from a zine I helped lump together with friends a couple of years ago. This is the raw scan - before shading and clean up - and I think, in a way, I like it quite a lot more out of its context than within it. Can you guess what story the little girl was in? You'd probably be surprised at its ending...

All this is coming up in my thoughts because I'm making a new film this quarter (if I get into school - oh bureaucracy!). I was trying to actively NOT make a story, and found the resulting ideas lacking. Is it harder to NOT create a story at a certain point in our lives than it is to tell one? Interesting stuff.


Dean said...

Hey Michelle!

My very fisrt impression is that it seems like some kind of Escher print to me (I won't explain, my brain is broken so often). I like it though, still can't get by the things that make me feel like it is an Escher though so not sure what it is all about. I suspect the boots with the ducks on it through are actually a sentient race of shape shifting aliens that lie in wait to take over the planet that they are currently on. Nobody ever suspects rubber duckies...nobody! BEWARE DUCKIES ARE EVEL!

Good to see you posting!

Michelle Lopes said...

Interesting interpretation - actually, the comic was about death. It was a little girl's relationship with death, and had quite a bit of my thoughts about oblivion and such. An acquaintance of mine looked it over and called it "very boring," which it more than likely is. The art is fairly decent, though, and I enjoyed drawing children without using any references.

Dean said...

Ah well, that is what makes the spice of life,, wait, variety! That is the spice of life. The point I guess is that we all have our tastes and likes and dislikes. We all see things differently and feel differently about what we see. Thus what is boring to one is very well not boring to the other and so on. The bottom line is that you draw what you enjoy and just accept that not everybody will understand what you are drawing and see the shape shifting ducks that are everywhere around us!

Well, that and don't take everything too seriously (a problem I obviously have).

linda said...

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