Sunday, January 27, 2008

Storyboarding in Russian

This image is from a storyboard assignment I did from a recent class - of all the images I drew that day, I'd say this was my favourite. His emotions are very simply drawn, and when I can manage that, I'm content. I'd like to say something today about the 180 degree rule - that is, basic screen direction during any given scene. Typically, if you follow the 180 degree rule strictly, you keep the placement of a character consistent (if a character is on the right hand side of the screen facing left, you wouldn't change his or her facing and placement throughout the scene). However, I find myself disliking a strict adherence to the rule. I think if you establish character placement enough through long shots and cut away from (or very close into) a scene, then the 180 degree rule is really unnecessary. It was basically established to not confuse the audience, and I can appreciate that, but whenever I shoot something I roughly start with the rule, then begin to work away from it accordingly to the emotions, ideas, and compositions at play.

Go here for more info about the rule, and see what you think.


THE SIR, James Suhr said...

hey lopes!

this is a really simple, but really clear drawing. is this from tom sito's class? this is really nice

Michelle Lopes said...

yeah, it totally is a sito drawing :) Those Russians will never stop having women problems in that class...