Friday, February 08, 2008

No New Drawings

Alas! I've been doing a lot of work by hand recently and the scanner at school is broken! So instead of new stuff I'm posting a background from my computer film. Like everything else in Blood Blossoms, it took me an absurd amount of time to complete this image because I kept "fixing" it. At the moment, I'm satisfied - insanely saturated color palette and all. Hopefully by next week the scanner will be up and running and I can treat ya to some primo cheesecake weirdness. See you then!

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The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

I had to stop watching your films and stuff. Its just gotten to late. I got drawn back to the UCLA animation Workshop site by an old link on my blog to one of Amy Winehouse's old Muffin movies and through that through many of the student films works and happened to be at yours when I finally had to quit.

I will come back and visit some more and probably do posts on each of you over the next few months. Some very good, very funny, and very beautiful stuff there.

I am always trolling the net for things I can use on my blog Peter's Files of Comedy, Satire, Jokes, Commentary and Videos at While I try to use as much of my own stuff as possible, I also like to point out things I find on the internet that others are not likely to find on their own, and both the films at the workshop and your blog here are just that kind of thing.

I probably added Amy's muffin movie two years ago when my blogrolling link was working - man, I've got to fix that. I've lately started going through the 500+ posts from the last 3 years trying to make sure the links are all still working - and found - well lots of new stuff to write about. Which is really cool. I age myself don't I.

By the way, while I didn't quite get The Terrible Dinner - I'll work on it, Mora Bund, Carmina, and Broken Mirror were really outstanding.

The Philosopher in me was particularly wowed by Broken Mirror, which went far beyond what I was expecting, in particular, how it ended.

Anyhow, I invite you and your colleagues to check out my blog. I have a lot of original work mixed in with those sent in by readers or friends.

I also spent some time to develop a list of shockingly low quality (visually) but gut-wrenchingly funny videos that are programmed into the first Youtube box on each blog page *under the post*.

Oh, assuming that was you at the end of Broken Mirror, I would enjoy sometime hearing about what drove the decisions in the creation of the 2nd life character for the end of the film - and - do you play in 2nd life - did that bring you to er, reflect on the subject in animation?

Best of luck,