Friday, April 04, 2008

Sheafs of Lost Music

I have not posted in...well, a very very long time. I've been through a whole quarter of school and the finished product of it - while I'd like to post it - is not *quite* done in my opinion...when it is finished, it'll certainly be up here. I'm trying to have it edited in time for submission to the Spotlight festival. Even if I don't finish Blood Blossoms this quarter, I would like the truncated version of The Best Hospital Ever to be completed soon.

Funny because we abandon things, then pick them up again. Spring break has ended, and I'm slowly getting into another quarter at UCLA where I feel a little out of sync with everything around me. I suppose that's fine. I will either feel like I'm a part of things, or merely apart. Don't ask for rigorous psychoanalysis here; it's late and everything's a muddle. Which certainly isn't bad, but it certainly isn't certain either.

Today's image is from a storyboard I've been peering over, trying to put together a dream I once had to make it into something for all to view. The vision isn't entirely lost, you see, but has changed a bit in the translation of time. If you're not careful, your dreams will change too without you even realizing it.

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THE SIR, James Suhr said...

in the past when i would run across a letter to/from a friend or a some note somewhere that has old dreams written down, i would shed a tear thinking and wondering where have i gone wrong and off track. now i don't feel quite that way. not to say that i've gotten callous in views, but that i like to believe that getting a little lost on my path has allowed me to experience things and learn things i know i wouldn't have pushed myself to. i still shed a tear to the person i was, but then remind myself that my life isn't over and there is still time to accomplish those goals (and do it better and appreciate it more than i would have when i was younger).

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