Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Before and After!

I'm actually pretty peeved because I think my Wacom tablet's pen is slowly dying. As I fought the pen, trying to make it write only while the nib was pressed to the tablet (and not up in the air) I growled and cursed up a regular storm. Below are the results. I like the colors fairly well at the moment, and just need to clean up the trees I think. we go!



I'm reading Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way right now, and feel like it's really helping me recuperate artistically. I sort of need direction, and the book is awfully *nice* - nothing completely out of left kind of rings like a conversation I've had before but forgot somehow along the way. Resonant like remembering things, I suppose. I'm going to start doing morning pages tomorrow, and hopefully progress from there to other activities.

And you know what? I really want to be a writer. And...I already am. :)

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