Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where Did the Myspace Go?

Just to let my friends and family know that I cancelled my myspace account, so it should be slowly melting (or abruptly falling? or violently crashing?) off the internet fairly soon. I've always loathed the ugliness of myspace, and I'm thinking of taking up facebook instead within the next month or so.

As part of the spring cleaning extravaganza going on in my life, I'm going to (finally) tackle a new blog banner, finish up this hunky dory computer film I'm working on so I can move onto my thesis (and find work - yay!), and start working on a new novel! I have a few different ideas for novels, so I really want to find one that will not only be interesting to me for the next few months and/or years of my life, but will have a nice firm structure I can pick at. I have notebooks full of notes for each of my novel ideas (I couldn't resist the pun...really, no, I couldn't), so each venue is fairly fleshed out already. Let the adventure begin!


Lauren the Writer said...

Why do you think Myspace is ugly as opposed to Facebook? Do you mean aesthetically? Because I really dislike Facebook's invasiveness.

Yay, about the novel. I love writing. Have you ever participated in NaNo?

Michelle Lopes said...

I frankly think Facebook is ugly too, but Myspace is just hideous - the composition of the layout, and the way everything is posted on one long page...yuck.

I have looked into NaNo, and I think I have a page up there, but I haven't checked it in a very, very long time.

Glad you like writing too!