Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Foothold On The Public's Attention is Slipping!

According to imdb's STARmeter, my popularity fell 80 percent this week. DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN, HOW COULD THIS BE? Could it be, perchance, that I'm not actually a star? Well paint me disillusioned. I'll have to cancel my catered dinner for seventy I was holding my one bedroom apartment. Yes, the canapes were going to be by the litter box, and I suspect it would have been extremely awkward to talk shop around the leopard geckos, but really? Take away my glittering stardom? How utterly heartless!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

No Posts Makes Lopes A Dull Girl

I haven't posted recently because I wanted newcomers to the blog to see my movie before they caught a gander of anything else. Life has been pretty hectic, and yet static all the same. I've been running around doing errands (getting money and a smog check for my car registration, taking care of a sick kitty that went to the emergency room, and all the little things in between) and been absolutely stagnant creatively. I worked on some drawings, but need to go into school or Kinko's to scan them (and after drawing them, discovered I'd run out of paper...yeesh). In the interim, I've been making notes on a post I'd like to do about female characters - specifically protagonists - in animation. That'll get posted once I get a moment to breathe a bit.

I'm reading (and probably going to finish today) The Fabulous Clipjoint by Frederic Brown as a recommendation from the Kunz. It's a clean, easy read with a lot of neat language that harangues and pulls and plummets all at once - very good stuff. The crime is mildly interesting, but the characters are the real treat - complex, yet tidy in description and execution. This will be my Kindle read while I wait out the twenty (or thirty, or forty) minute smog check today. I gotta say, knowing what percentage of a book I've read doesn't compare to having good old-fashioned page numbers.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is the film I made for my computer animation requirement. I used primarily After Effects and Photoshop, drawing a great deal of it by hand in computer and offline. It's a little choppy to play at the moment, so I'll likely recompress it and try uploading another version soon.

Edit: I swapped it out for another version which you're watching now.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Fixed? Perhaps!

I think I fixed my html for this blog, but I'm still unhappy with the archive set up. I'd like a cascading style archive section perhaps - something that would hide that long, intimidating column of dates. Nobody knows how intimidating dates are like an artist. Deadlines, like sharks among ducks, are rather suspicious and altogether deadly if not paid the proper respect.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Final Finals

I somehow broke my template while I was trying to fix the ugly archive thingy on this blog to the right so now if the posts are beyond a certain length, the stylish green strip in the center will not grow in length to match it! Fie on you, html! Double fie!

This is my last week of finals for graduate school - very sentimental and stressful all at once, like a wedding or something. But with less prenups.

I'll post my film up as soon as I get the sound/editing done. I tried to have it done in time for the Prom screening at school, but I failed at that and ended up making myself exhausted and unwell in the process. I went through a couple days of utter failure blues, but I'm up and at 'em today to make the workload go round once more (and screw up my blog's html).

Enjoy today's image - it's a portrait of me with a very weird expression on my face. That's probably the expression I usually have that's the "normal" expression. Weird would probably be the strained stewardess-type grimace most people pop when the flash goes off.