Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Final Finals

I somehow broke my template while I was trying to fix the ugly archive thingy on this blog to the right so now if the posts are beyond a certain length, the stylish green strip in the center will not grow in length to match it! Fie on you, html! Double fie!

This is my last week of finals for graduate school - very sentimental and stressful all at once, like a wedding or something. But with less prenups.

I'll post my film up as soon as I get the sound/editing done. I tried to have it done in time for the Prom screening at school, but I failed at that and ended up making myself exhausted and unwell in the process. I went through a couple days of utter failure blues, but I'm up and at 'em today to make the workload go round once more (and screw up my blog's html).

Enjoy today's image - it's a portrait of me with a very weird expression on my face. That's probably the expression I usually have that's the "normal" expression. Weird would probably be the strained stewardess-type grimace most people pop when the flash goes off.


Anonymous said...

you're perty good lookin'

Michelle Lopes said...

For a girl? :P