Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Foothold On The Public's Attention is Slipping!

According to imdb's STARmeter, my popularity fell 80 percent this week. DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN, HOW COULD THIS BE? Could it be, perchance, that I'm not actually a star? Well paint me disillusioned. I'll have to cancel my catered dinner for seventy I was holding my one bedroom apartment. Yes, the canapes were going to be by the litter box, and I suspect it would have been extremely awkward to talk shop around the leopard geckos, but really? Take away my glittering stardom? How utterly heartless!


Sharon said...

Look again, you're currently up 213 percent! Oh how fickle the public is when it comes to celebrity ;-)

I hope you enjoy your new found stardom and have a fantastic Birthday!


Michelle Lopes said...

I revel in it! Thanks so much, hon - you'll get a phone call from me tomorrow. Have a great fourth!