Friday, August 07, 2009

Contests, Ipod Covers, and More...

The job search continues! So far I haven't had a lot of luck, but I'm still persevering. The art for today is from a contest I entered at It's very specific to the wishes of the contest holder (a Suicide Girl named Antigone), so it's not 100 percent Michelle here, but pretty fun nonetheless. I omitted putting mold on the "dead" mermaid, for example. Mold and visible bones occasionally poking through is much more my style.

I'm going to be working on sewing an ipod cover using some adorable fabric from This and That From Japan. The theme of the fabric is the Bremen Town Musicians - a fairy tale I really loved as a child. I'll posted my methods and result right here, and if I'm successful, I'm thinking of making my Kindle a new cover, too.

Hope everyone's been having a good summer - one of my fave times of year is coming, the fall. When stationary goes on sale, the air gets chill, and summer turns into a memory you get a time for reflection, and plenty of snuggling.

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