Friday, August 14, 2009

Ipod Cover!

For a while I've been kind of dissatisfied with my ipod case - even though it was skintight, it tended to get dirty, and somehow scratched my mp3 player, which I didn't like. Plus I wanted something cuter, and kind of personal.

I made this cover for my ipod using a pattern I invented myself. I'm not even sure how to follow a real pattern, so this was kind of a challenge. :P I first sketched out my design, then measured it out onto tissue paper using my video ipod to help me make sure the final cover would be snug, but not too tight or too baggy. I then ironed the fabric, cut it out, marked the fabric using pins and an ink pen, and sewed away! I kind of wish I had a sewing machine, since working by hand took me a bit of time, but it was still really fun to sink my teeth into a project like this.

I only made a partial lining so that when I flip the case open the backside of the lid won't look ugly. Lastly, I sewed a charm my mom found a while ago onto the lid to act as a weight. I was debating about adding snaps or a handle, but so far I don't seem to need them.

The whole project took me about four or five hours to make, and I'm very happy with the results. I purchased the fabric from This n That From Japan, and absolutely love the Bremen Town Musician theme - it's super cute! ^_^

If anyone would like a copy of the pattern I made, let me know and I'll scan it in and post it.

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