Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting Ahead...

Yes, I like puns. That's what happens when you raise a girl on Piers Anthony books.

So! These are photographs of a head I sculpted for the Jack the Ripper game I'm developing at school. I wanted her neutral expression to have some tension in it and fatigue, while still retaining some vestiges of beauty. The character is a prostitute about to challenge one of the most infamous prostitute killers in history, so I believe some fatigue and tension are definitely in order.

Using this head as a model, a Maya head is going to be made based on it. I'd say my biggest critique is that there's something uneven about the jawline, but that can be doctored up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Joy in the Clouds

Another new design for a tattoo contest from Fingers crossed that the lovely lady likes it. :P

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Twitter Background and Signature

I made myself a new Twitter background and signature for fun and to surround myself with prettiness! The signature is in reference to my "missmeat" screen name (which I often use), and the background just combines quite a few of my fave visual memes. For fun, go check out the Top Ten Things No One Ever Told You About Being an Animator while I stroke my one long chin hair pensively.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Life Is Complicated - I Know, Right?

So a million trillion unlucky little things are happening in my life right now, and I'm trying to focus on doing creative stuff but feeling a bit glum. So here's a list of places online I like to sneak away to when I'm a bit down and out:

Shiny Shiny - where all things gadget-y and girly crossbreed. A story about a connect-the-dots tattoo caught my eye (it's the last pic in the gallery).

Gather - because reading things that other people write can either really intrigue me, or really annoy me, depending on my perspective at that moment. I don't understand the new pinging system and sincerely hope that at some point someone will either explain it to me, or hold me and tell me it's o.k. to have no idea.

Deviant Art - I don't know why I'm not a member - I never feel like I have enough interesting pieces I want to share with them...yet. Anyhoo it's fun to browse this site.

The New Music Video King Rat by Modest Mouse - I linked this video because I really love the use of limited animation in the video, and it matches the song so well! A beautiful piece overall.

There's other places, too - I'll try to think of them so I can add them in another list next time. Happy browsing!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fun Things and Stuff...

So I have a meeting tomorrow to help get the game I designed into an official bit of code - and thereafter demoland (yay!), and let's see, what else is going on?

I'm doing a bunch of sketches for a painting I'd like to do - having problems with the right angle I'd like.

Archiving five years of notes for a novel I'm starting to tackle - yippee yay! I like research. Researching myself is a bit weird though.

Hit number one for multiple minipet collections at (silly, but nifty).

Bought the coolest handwarmers ever from super sweetheart Dottie at etsy - I'm using them all the time when I'm at the keyboard!

Still looking for work, but trying not to stress about it - it'll come. :)