Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fun Things and Stuff...

So I have a meeting tomorrow to help get the game I designed into an official bit of code - and thereafter demoland (yay!), and let's see, what else is going on?

I'm doing a bunch of sketches for a painting I'd like to do - having problems with the right angle I'd like.

Archiving five years of notes for a novel I'm starting to tackle - yippee yay! I like research. Researching myself is a bit weird though.

Hit number one for multiple minipet collections at warcraftpets.com (silly, but nifty).

Bought the coolest handwarmers ever from super sweetheart Dottie at etsy - I'm using them all the time when I'm at the keyboard!

Still looking for work, but trying not to stress about it - it'll come. :)


Rob T. said...


Give us a reason why we should care what you think about the film Don't Deliver Us From Evil. Your review--which is nothing but a Rorschach projection of your own ideology and preferences--certainly doesn't. This fact may shock you, but I like to read reviews that are about the films, and not about the reviewers.

Also, as a self-described feminist, you should have been ecstatic at the portrayal of men in this film as lustful, rape-prone brutes!

Michelle Lopes said...

Hey Rob,

That review was honestly an emotional reaction or response to the film rather than a film critique of a technical sense. You don't have to care one way or other about any reviewer's response to a film, but my review was an honest gauge of how I felt at the time.

And as to how a feminist views the world, I think your perception of feminists is a tad medieval. I love men AND women, and feel they should be entirely treated as equals at all times.

Have a great day!