Sunday, September 06, 2009

Life Is Complicated - I Know, Right?

So a million trillion unlucky little things are happening in my life right now, and I'm trying to focus on doing creative stuff but feeling a bit glum. So here's a list of places online I like to sneak away to when I'm a bit down and out:

Shiny Shiny - where all things gadget-y and girly crossbreed. A story about a connect-the-dots tattoo caught my eye (it's the last pic in the gallery).

Gather - because reading things that other people write can either really intrigue me, or really annoy me, depending on my perspective at that moment. I don't understand the new pinging system and sincerely hope that at some point someone will either explain it to me, or hold me and tell me it's o.k. to have no idea.

Deviant Art - I don't know why I'm not a member - I never feel like I have enough interesting pieces I want to share with them...yet. Anyhoo it's fun to browse this site.

The New Music Video King Rat by Modest Mouse - I linked this video because I really love the use of limited animation in the video, and it matches the song so well! A beautiful piece overall.

There's other places, too - I'll try to think of them so I can add them in another list next time. Happy browsing!

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