Thursday, December 31, 2009


So here's (finally) a picture of that watercolor I've been working on. I'm using a watercolor paper called Yupo, which lends itself to some really interesting effects. If you look at the lower arms of the figure, they're "outlined" by prepping the page with an eraser, then applying watercolor over it.

This is an underpainting, so there will be a lot more color and tonality and detail coming up, but I love the raw shading you can get from basically one note. Blue has an infinite web of variety, and it's great to explore every strand of it.

The image comes from a half-dream I had - from that hazy twilight time when you're just falling asleep and a million things are still running through your brain - relating to a story I'm working on. It's a bit ominous-looking, but the little crow-man is more complex than just a wicked figment ready to pounce. :P

Have a Happy New Year everyone! May your days be creative, productive, and filled with love.

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