Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Officially Kicking My Butt

Marrowgar bugged one day which let me take this screenshot of him, and if you have no idea what that is it isn't important, and carry on with your life as usual and so forth.

I'm working on a short comic strip that's Warcraft-related, and coloring it is kicking my butt, much like Marrowgar above. So in a day or two you'll get to see my attempts at being humorous in three panels. Which is far different from savoring my delicious wit via a short story, or a pithy one-liner, or pointing at me and laughing at my haircut.

Because yes, I need a haircut, and I'm too broke to get one. I'm hoping that my standard upswept bun will cleverly hide my passe shabbiness should any employment interviews be forthcoming. You hear that universe? Forth...coming!

So far my clever disguise is working! Hooray!

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