Friday, January 15, 2010

Pulling Aggro 1

So here's my first attempt at a Warcraft-related comic (that I promised a few days ago). The characters are roughly based on my main (Stirfry) and my friend Sinnerchrono. Note that Lawl isn't based on anyone in my guild, but just on the general principle of horrible tanks - i.e., the guy who knows everything about what everyone else is supposed to be doing in a raid but doesn't, quite possibly, seem to know much about tanking. And actually Sinnerchrono has much better armor than I drew here, but my Wacom pen decided that life was too much for it to bear and took the easy way out via the trash can. In the future I think I'd prefer to draw on either a Cintiq, or hand-draw and scan like the villainous scum I am. /sigh

Oh yeah, and if you click on the pic you get a bigger image, you techwizards, you.

Anyway, enjoy! ^_^

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