Sunday, January 17, 2010

Underlings Arrive

It occurred to me when I was looking at the Ripper blog post that the art is all very...small. So I decided to post some of the character designs here where they'll be big and friendly and want you to click on them. The quality of the scanner I used at UCLA is simply amazing - I'm going to write down the specs of the machine when I go there tomorrow to see if I can wrangle the tech gods on high to send me one of those bad boys. And of course I'll let my faithful readers know what the specs are too!

The illustrations are painted with Sumi-E watercolors and have a beautiful opacity and density to them - I'm loving working with them. There are two underlings - henchmen of Jack the Ripper - and a sidekick of the protagonist, a little street urchin girl who dresses as a boy.

Enjoy. ^_^

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