Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Post, No Art

Aesthetically-inclined citizens, sorrow! The batteries in my camera are dead and the scanner I have access to is out there, in the windy rainy area I see when I peek out between my blinds. So today's post is art-free, and sad to be this way.

An apology in advance for the lack of posting, but life has been topsy-turvy as of late. I've started an internship at Unthinkable Images working on compositing and green screen replacement. This is fascinating stuff, very detail-oriented, and fun to learn. Even though the company is very, very small, the people and the work are phenomenal. I'm learning quite a lot, and having fun doing it.

I've posted an essay on The Art of Unemployment at Gather, so feel free to check that out and chortle along.

I've also finished a watercolor that this blog posted the underpainting of - but alas I can't share the final results yet (see paragraph one)!

Also, I've joined facebook finally, and Johnnie Grinder is both my facebook cohort, and newest member of my blogroll. Go check his stuff out! It's awesome!

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