Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The camera now has batteries - huzzah! This is the watercolor I've been painting with Sumi-E inks on Yupo paper. It's actually extremely textural, which is difficult to see with this photograph, but it was very, very fun to manipulate.

The image comes from a kind of half-dream I had as I was falling asleep and thinking about a story I've tackled off and on for years. In the dream a yellow ribbon was fitted under my chin, pierced the undersides of my lower eyelids, covered my eyes tightly, then was threaded through my upper eyelids to tie on top of a huge rusty cage on my head. The creature in the change kept on changing restlessly, but often settled on being a sort of raven man glaring out between the bars. The idea is actually rich in symbolism and portents, but I'll leave that to your glowing insight to dredge out.


Oh, and I prefer the sideways version, but it started upright - that's why there's two.

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