Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Life Like Citrus

I haven't posted for a couple weeks, and I could claim the regular culprits - my life is so busy! Everything is happening at once! I couldn't make time! This would be true, but I should have made the effort to post regardless, because posting gives me some balance in all the chaos.

My life right now in summary: Moving out of my apartment at the end of the month, but I have no new place picked to live in yet. I work at my internship twice a week and do a lot of keying and green screen matting - love my internship. The video game project is coming to its startling conclusion, and our demo presentation is looking fairly grim.

Creatively my ambitions have been reduced to a lot of quick sketches in a notebook, and a couple of pale stabs at writing caught between the business of living. One of my writing sketches is up at Gather. Life should be a lot more bitter than it is; I'm in transition, but mostly I'm a bit numb, a bit happy, a bit all right.

Enjoy this video by Ira Glass - it's the third one in a series about storytelling, and completely made my day.

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