Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Education of Miss Lopes

As I engage ever deeper into the realm of internshipland, I find myself learning all sorts of interesting tidbits about the special effects world. If you're unfamiliar with my internship, I'm doing compositing work on a short film narrated by Sir Christopher Lee. Mostly I pull track marks in After Effects, and matte out bad green screen while trying to make the image retain it's inherent beauty. It was shot on a Red, which has a gorgeous silky look to it that's very reminiscent of film.

Collected here are a few hodgepodge things I've learned that I believe retain some element of interest to the most casual of sfx-lovers.

Gareth Edwards created an entire army for BBC's Attila the Hun while working with primarily two-dimensional effects. Quite an amazing feat for one man working alone. The video below will illustrate how he did this.

"Rolling Shutter" occurs when digital camera information comes in at the top of an image faster than at the bottom (at times in milliseconds), creating a skew. The foundry is creating a plugin to correct this distortion. Click here to watch a two minute film describing both the distortion and their plugin.

And if you're going to shoot a 3D camera movement with green screen, always, always, ALWAYS set up a C-stand with a track mark on it near the characters/figures/objects you are shooting that are standing away from the walls. You will be a lot happier you did.

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