Sunday, May 02, 2010

Secret Enterprises in the Living Room

While saying "I've been busy" can be a great (and honest) excuse, it's never very satisfying in the long run. All those days spent away from the blog (and my friends) - what was I doing that was so damnably important that I could neglect updating this oddball collection of art and random musings?

A novel, that's what.

Of course it may be yet another novel that will reach the eyes of only one or two close friends before it finds its home wedged behind the couch, but I'm rather enjoying this endeavor regardless. It's amazingly cathartic to materialize all these daydreams I've had for so many years (this is an idea I've been picking at since middle school...ew, I know) into the gorgeous, fat lines of text I've been spewing. And spew, spew I have been! Sweet, delicious...spew.

Perhaps I should rethink my choice of secret passions. Nah.

In addition to the novel I've been working at my internship diligently, and I've started learning the ropes of digital matte painting in addition to picking up SynthEyes. I rather love the matte painting, and my boss lent me a tutorial DVD by the Gnomon workshop to study before I started cracking open the ole Wacom. The DVD was extremely interesting, and I'm now delving into Photoshop's Extract filter, which is a world of confusion and delight all on its own.

I'm also getting used to living alone - cats exempt from this statement of course. You'd be surprised at how fascinating setting up your own schedule can be when you're not used to it. Compound that with the complete liberty of a free space, and quite a lot of shenanigans end up taking place. Think of the spew! Oh that scrumptious spew!

I'm also beginning to go over my thesis concept again - boards, script, research - everything needs to be redone, and it's a weighty occupation I'm enjoying quite a lot, but having difficulty refining to my satisfaction.

And because I haven't posted art in quite a while, the image above is another scribble stolen from my sketchbook. I think I'll have a lot of fun working on different ideas for color when I finally get around to her.

Even though my secrets have been revealed, be sure that there's always another project on the horizon waiting to materialize and possibly devour some wiggly bit of your anatomy!

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