Friday, October 29, 2010

An Introspective Moment

I have had all sorts of things happening in my life lately - from getting a brand new car to a heavy installation of influenza - I've been living in interesting times indeed. Since today marks the first time in quite a while that I've woken up without dissolving into a fit of nasty coughs, I decided it would make an excellent blogging day.

This weekend will be filled with all kinds of last-minute Halloween preparations. I've been looking up spooky cocktails and treats, and working on my costume (which is pretty ambitious for someone who hasn't used papier mache since the third grade, so we'll see how it turns out).

Despite my illness (intermingled with obsessive vehicular happiness - I've never, ever owned a brand new car before so this is incredibly exciting for me) I have been drawing, so this post is featuring a self-portrait I composed using a fude ink pen purchased from JList (I can get the particulars of it if anyone's interested).

In other news I did not win Blizzard's writing contest, but am still incredibly proud of myself for actually entering this year. I know what a lot of the flaws in my story were, but enjoyed working on it purely as an exercise in and of itself. Next year I plan to: set aside more time for working on it, keeping it more strictly canonical, and policing myself to keep the story self-contained as it ended rather more like an opening chapter than a short story.

But for now it's back to looking at gummy spiders and mask sketches. I'll post with the bewitching results. Happy Halloween everyone!

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