Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fresh Ink

Since I've become a part time employee of a couple of interesting things have been happening. The first is that if I mention that I work designing tattoos to a stranger/acquaintance/etc. I get automatically corrected - that is, I'm informed that I am a tattoo artist and not, as I state, a tattoo designer. That seems incorrect to me since I just design the tattoos, I don't actually tattoo anyone. I am distinctly under the impression that I need to poke someone with a needle in order to be designated a tattoo artist. Let me refine that statement - I need to poke someone with a needle and create actual inked art in their skin in order to be called a tattoo artist, not just come up with the art. Otherwise I'm just a sadist poking you for my own personal reasons.

I also get to see a lot of homemade art right now, which is pretty sweet. I particularly loved the graffiti that a guy who works at my local grocery store showed me from his iphone after he asked me what I do for a living. When you say you're an artist, people really like sharing their own artistic endeavors, and I think that's pretty damn fun.

The above images are two aspects of the same custom tattoo I've been working on, including the linework and the color reference pass.

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Michelle said...

Super cool drawings!