Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things To Do

Here is a simple truth everybody knows: sometimes it's incredibly hard to be optimistic. Despite - or perhaps to simply spite - my ongoing struggle with optimism, here are some good things going on in my life:

I have a (sort of? kind of?) part time job with Tattoo.com.

I have a scanner at home now - an inexpensive but sturdy one.

My art is definitely improving all the time.

My writing is improving all the time.

What I really need right now is a steadier form of income, but I'm working on that. It can be hard to find work when you don't have retail experience, and your administrative experience is pretty patchy, but with perseverance I'll get something.

So! Go vote on my current Threadless design - I'd really appreciate it! Voters I know personally will get taken out for drinks and/or lunch if I win. Hooray!

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