Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sewn Watercolor

So here's a quick and dirty picture (unlike my usual painstaking scans) of what I was twittering about last night! Yesterday I painted an original watercolor, then added stitching to it as a final touch. That's right - all the stitching you see is hand sewn into the paper. I punched holes using a regular sewing needle, but I'm thinking of using a paper awl for further projects. I do own a paper awl, but I was concerned that the resulting holes would be a bit too large. I'm thinking about using this mix of techniques in the future to create some more interesting, stitched-up pieces.

There's a loose thread dangling from the girl's needle, which gives the work an extra liveliness I like in particular. Looking forward to sewing up more pictures - perhaps even going for more textural elements by adding fabrics, a variety of paper types, and maybe even a thicker variety of paints.

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