Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

All the weeks are busy ones - or so it seems lately. I've recently acquired my first smart phone (an iPhone) as an early birthday present, and I made the fatal mistake of loading up on apps over the phone network instead of wifi, almost capping my data transfer usage for the month. I couldn't resist the adorable games and creative apps out there, but I'll be sure to be much more moderate over the next few weeks.

I'm studying on how to promote my Etsy store a bit more, while at the same time looking for more regular work, and developing solid designs for my highly-anticipated (the apartment is seething with anticipatory energy) artsprojekt shop. In the interim I've created three new tattoo designs that are up for sale at Check out the tiger, the fairy, and the bad girl - they're eager to meet you all.

And a hearty appreciative tip of the hat to all those caring, kind fathers out there! To the mean, cruel ones I thwart you all with a brutal fist shake. Not that the bad fathers particularly care about my shaking fist, but it's still out there somewhere, quivering with menace just in case.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Painting, Painting, Painting

Yesterday I attended my first ever Etsy Party, which I think was especially charming since no one there really knew each other, and we met with that mixture of butterflies and nervousness that a complete group of strangers generally has. We quickly warmed up to each other however, and it proved to be a pleasant early evening full of potluck goodness and supportive discussion.

I have been painting quite a great deal this past week, as well as working on my novel! Tons of watercolors are up for sale in my Etsy store (well, that's hyperbole - but it's difficult to get up to a ton of anything when you're working with paper). I also created the above illustration of the Girl With Furs, but I've watermarked it so I can do something special with it - possibly gently rework it so that it will be material for my upcoming Artsprojekt shop.

The Ducks Love Umbrellas and Friendly Skies postcards are available in my store - I may decide to do something else with those images too! Altogether I feel like my compositions have been very successful lately. I'm going to start working on constructing some simple blank journals to post in the shop, that should have some fun surprises to them. Hope your summer is going well!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Making Heads Roll

The first step in my four-phase plan for world domination (or rent money, but I like my version better) is complete! I have now sculpted some amazing beads out of polymer clay and painted each by hand, then labored over the photography with my go-to photographer Mr. Ghostmilk, and voila - an Etsy shop has been made!

But lo, this is not the end of the Etsy shop, only the beginning! Expect more beads, watercolors, and even some porcelain work to arrive in the days to come!