Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The new year has begun, and it's time to work on some new projects while finishing up the old ones.

Currently I'm working on an illustration where I'm using myself as the subject - this is a new element for an older project I'd like to finish up this year (which sounds vague, but I'll post its advancement on this blog). What you have here are two self-portraits done in slightly different styles. I like how dark the watercolor feels, as well as the textures of the skin in that version, but the composition is a little too unbalanced for my taste. I then made a more balanced, almost sanitized version in pencil, but I'm having problems with that, too. These are just raw elements (with some minor adjustments in Photoshop), but I'm going to try putting some watercolor textures into the pencil version. I like the progression I'm getting here - my original rough composition is starting to fit together, but I'm still a long way off.

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