Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The Origin of Mermaids - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

So I've entered (yet another) Threadless Loves contest in my endless quest to finally win one. The theme of this competition was Threadless Loves Pinups, and pinups are pretty much one of my favorite art subjects, so I really wanted to submit something good. I ended up doing an homage to Gil Elvgren, who always included narrative elements of surprise and flirty faux shock in his pieces, limiting myself to an Elvgren-authentic palette and brushstroke style. Feel free to click on the link and vote on my design.

The other image is a steampunk skeleton watercolor that I did for a friend's birthday. I liked the idea of a clockwork skeleton quite a lot - a concept we brainstormed to life together - and I've been dwelling on mortality, hearts, and clocks and all the interesting inbreeding in between those themes. The final piece came out fairly well. It's on a small art card, accented with washi tape to frame the top and bottom, with accents in acrylic copper and tarnished silver paint and black ink.