Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Valkyrie and a Gentleman

The past few weeks have been an absolute rush of interesting assignments.  A commission for a friend, an album review, designing a new lesson plan, and creating a series of title cards for a film project I worked on last year have made the days full and hectic.  Spring break?  I'm not sure that breaking a sweat is what they intended...

I'm now an art and music reviewer for the California Literary Review, so feel free to check out my new work there as it arrives.  I've started with a review of Slim Cessna's Auto Club's latest album, Unentitled.  It's a fascinating slurry of musical genres that communicate a kind of country sound it's unlikely you've heard before, so go take a chance on it!

The valkyrie image above is a commission for a friend's droid case.  I loved using the fude pen to ink it - the fude brush pen has quickly become one of my favorite, go-to implements and I don't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting, pseudo-painted comic book look.

The details of the other projects will quite simply have to wait, as they are both untested and eager on their coltish legs.  Until then happy clicking, my digital compatriots!