Monday, May 14, 2012

Yakuza, Masks, and Other Tasks

This blog post has oodles of fun pictures to look through - which is, behind amazingly compelling and well-crafted prose - my favorite kind of blog post to read.  Never mind.  I lied.  Lots of pictures win.

For Mother's Day I made my mom a set of coasters!  Why?  Because it's fun to make useful, pretty things for people that you care about.  I'll dedicate a future post to my exact process, but in brief I made a watercolor painting (which I scanned and you can check out below), cut it up, slapped it on some tiles, edged it with pretty washi tape, and put little felt footies on the bottom.  The result was really what I was hoping for - some seasonal, pretty art that's just a little sultry and fun.  My mom loved them, but she loved them so much that she doesn't want to use them so she's trying to figure out a way to hang them on her walls.  At least she liked them!

I finally finished a watercolor painting that has taken me a few months to work out. It's called Blonde Yakuza. I'm a bit irrationally in love with it.  Here's a scan of it:
And finally, I've started working on a papier mache mask with the help of my good friend Abby. It's been years since I've tried to seriously attempt anything with papier mache, and I love the physicality of working with such a messy, pulpy medium. I'm crafting a werewolf mask for the Labyrinth of Jareth masquerade ball that I'll be attending this year. I am incredibly excited about the event - not only am I a Bowie/Labyrinth/Henson fan - I've never been to a masquerade before. It seems fantastically romantic, creative, and all kinds of fun.
If you didn't get enough pictures, here's a link to an awesome website dedicated to the art of depicting women in black and white art photography. Lots of cool, sexy nudes over there. Enjoy!

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