Thursday, September 06, 2012

Getting Sketchy

Made this sketch last night using my new Sharpie ink pen (it actually doesn't bleed through most paper, and I'm growing fond of it).

This summer has been a busy one, and I'm happy to say that the two middle school students that I've been tutoring in animation are just about done with their films - it took them almost a year, and they've worked very hard on them!  If I can convince them to upload their films to the internet, there will be links so everyone can see.

I'm about to start teaching a Character Design class that will include digital painting.  If your child (ages 12 and up encouraged) is interested, feel free to contact Lee-Jean through Art Experience Studio.

I have eight out of ten stories completed for my anthology of short stories that I'll be epublishing soon.  Even though the publish date has been pushed back twice, this is definitely the month that it's going to be released.  I'll keep updating any information about it as it comes along.

Fall is coming and it's finally time for rain, hot beverages, and planning my Halloween.  I'm going to ignore the sun blaring outside my window as I write that.  Thinking cold thoughts!

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