Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Carousel of Color and a Beheading

This past week I introduced the kids I teach to the color wheel, which is always a fun subject. Above is the wheel I designed that they based theirs on. There was a ton of interest and excitement when they got to mix their own colors. I think there's something really primal and basic about using paint and physical media to create art that appeals to everyone. Definitely looking forward to more painting activities with the kids.

The second image is my most recent Threadless t-shirt submission, which rang in with a personal record of the lowest voted score of all my designs. For some reason, the fact that I've scored an all-time low was secretly thrilling as well as horrifying. A real oddball design (like most of the stuff in my sketchbooks) I thought it was a shoo-in for the Threadless <3s Weird contest, and indeed it might have been, but I ended up missing the deadline and just submitted it for the regular theme-free competition. Too twisted for color t.v.? Indeed, Steel Magnolias, indeed.

The name of the piece is Beheading! and features watercolors and ink, meticulously cleaned up on Photoshop. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Society 6 Wants Designers For Their New Art Book Series

And I need to make more stuff! So I started up (another) online shop. I really like a lot of the stuff there in general. I know Society 6 has been up for ages, but sometimes it takes me a while before I end up visiting the places that I really enjoy (this applies to real life places as well...unfortunately).

Click here to go apply to be in their art book series. Click here to check out my shop. Danke!