Thursday, May 09, 2013

Kinetic Art for Kids

This week I developed an easy, quick exercise to talk about kinetic art with the middle school kids I teach.  Kinetic art - to briefly explain - is the visual or artistic depiction of motion.  Using this exercise developed at Cool Stuff Art Gallery as inspiration, I had the kids listen to three different songs.  Each song had a different rhythm, instrumentation, and overall feel.  During each song, the child would draw a scribble on a piece of blank paper using a pencil, attempting to capture the motion of the song.  Afterwards, they picked the sketch that they wanted to focus on, and colored in different fields (using either pencil or watercolor pencil) that their quick drawings had created.

Some unanticipated side effects?  Quite a few of the kids ended up preferring the sketches they'd made while listening to songs that they didn't like (and which were a bit more experimental or challenging to listen to).  Almost universally, the sketches were wildly different from each other, and the students had no difficulty whatsoever with seeing a correlation between rhythm and line.

Neat stuff!  I made the above image in class along with them, and really like how it turned out.  Enjoy!

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